12 Different Types of Coffee: Know more about your favourite flavour(s)

When half of the world is covered with ice this winter and other half enjoying winter chills, having a sip of coffee remained customary for people throughout the globe. No matter what flavour we drink or how it tastes or smell, coffee have always given a sense of energy, making us feel more alert and happier especially during mornings.
Everyone have their own favourite flavour and while I took a sip of my favourite flavour this morning, the idea of exploring different coffee flavours struck my mind. It was found that more than 30 flavours of coffee were listed among different websites. However, to save your time, we have shortlisted few commonplace coffee flavours that are available at many places and is been liked by many people. Check below to find whether your favourite flavour remains on our selected list or not.


This is one of the kinds of espresso shots which are extracted with similar amount of coffee beans, but with half a quantity of water. The result you get after extracting remains more concentrated and darker.
Recipe: Take half a cup of water and extract standard espresso shot. Turn off normal espresso extraction before the coffee mixing process starts.


Drip is nothing but what you drink occasionally and get from ordinary coffee machines available at home or workplaces.
Recipe: Pour a cup of hot steaming water through filters in which coffee grounds have been kept.


Espresso is another form of drip coffee. The only difference remains is that espresso beans are grounded in finer way. Even, espresso beans are roasted much darker than ordinary coffee beans.
Recipe: The recipe for this flavour remains similar to drip coffee. You can use espresso machines that helps in grounding coffee beans in coarser way. Additionally, espresso machines pressurize steaming water through coffee beans and the increased pressure of water makes the coffee more concentrated and stronger than regular cup of coffee.


Affogato is a desert-based coffee that you can have during summer days. This coffee is comes mixed with ice-cream and shots of espresso.
Recipe: In a tumbler filled with cold milk, add a scoop of vanilla flavoured ice-cream. Pour a shot or two of espresso over the scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


The Piccolo latte coffee is a kind of café latte made in an espresso cup. It has a very strong yet mellowed down espresso flavour due to the micro foam and steamed milk used for its processing.
Recipe: Piccolo latte can be made either with ristretto shot or espresso shot. Mix one shot of any of these flavours in an espresso cup and add steamed milk with significant amount of micro foam.


Mocha is a mixture of hot chocolate and cappuccino in which chocolate powder is mixed with espresso shots and then diluted in steamed milk with micro- foam. This flavour is very delicious and also acts as a desert taken after meals.
Recipe: In a cup or a glass tumbler, pour one shot of espresso. Add a spoon full of chocolate powder and mix it while adding steamed milk. Add considerable amount of micro-foam and sprinkle powdered cholate in the top for final garnishing.


If regular shots of espresso tastes too strong, long black will be liked by you. This coffee will taste more like regular coffee that can easily add bash of energy in you.
Recipe: In a cup filled with 2/3 amount of hot water, extract a single shot of espresso.


This must possibly be the most popular type and loved by many people throughout the globe. Where some people prefer drinking dark coffee, cappuccino is like by those who prefer pouring in some milk in their coffee.
Recipe: Place a shot of espresso in a coffee cup. Add hot steaming milk and finally top it up with mountain of foam and decorate innovatively with chocolate syrup.


This coffee is many times confused with café au lait as they taste similar to each other. The difference in both flavours actually is differentiated by making style. Where café latte is made by pouring hot milk with an espresso shot, café au lait is made after brewing equal parts of hot milk and coffee. Latte is sweeter than espresso due to steamed milk poured in it.
Recipe: In a glass tumbler, extract 1 shot of espresso. Add milk and micro foam at the top of steamed milk.


Café crème is another popular flavour and is highly like by French people. Unfortunately, making it appropriately is very difficult. Although its recipe may sound very simple, the difficult part is finding exact kind of milk for it. French people use unpasteurised milk that makes this coffee creamier and sweeter than other flavour. Once pasteurised milk is used, this one is taken as cooked food, altering delicate flavour of café crème’s taste.
Recipe: In a cup, pour milk which has not been steamed. Add a shot of espresso and a small amount of warm-heavy cream.


This unique flavoured coffee is brewed with sugar, thick layer of cream and most importantly whiskey! Yes, you heard it right. It is available in many coffee shops and restaurants where using alcohol is not prohibited.
Recipe: Add a shot of espresso brewed with sugar to cold whiskey. Top up with heavy cream on it.


Red eye is another popular coffee offered in both sides of the world. If you like to have espresso and coffee together, this drink is for you.
Recipe: In a cup of hot water, pour a drip and a shot of espresso. Enjoy with or without sugar.

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