10 Types of Fathers in an Indian Society

The Achiever Dad

Fathers are generally said to their so’s first hero and their daughter’s first love. You may find some dads really cool and funky, chilling all the time and generally, children are quite frank with this kind of dads. However, sometimes you also may hear from your friend or a known person saying “Papa nahi manenge (Papa won’t agree)”. So those are the kind of dads whom children usually are scared to ask for anything easily. Even after whatever be their manners and way to deal things be, fathers are the epitome of tough love.

10 Types of Fathers in an Indian Society

#1. The Savage Father:

The Savage Father

The savage father is one of a kind and has a sarcastic reply for your every word. Don’t dare to mess with him. He is a most savage kid in the town of his days.

#2. The “Papa Nahi Manenge” Father:

Papa Nahi Manenge

Have you ever heard your friend saying “Papa nahi manenge yaar”? Well! This type of dads always turns down all the requests. Right from going for a hangout to marrying the love of your life. However, you may see him agreeing to some factors but that is a rare sight.

#3. The Emotional Father:

The Emotional Father

The emotional fathers are those who always show their emotions to everything and can relate everything to their emotions. One word and you never know when the ride started.

#4. The Comedian Dad:

The Comedian Dad

A comedian dad is one of the best kind of dads who can make the mood of any conversation easily by cracking jokes and antics. All though he is a father from inside he is still childish in nature.

#5. The Super Fun Dad:

The Super Fun Dad

This kind of dads are adventure loving and you will always find him talking to you to try different sports, going camping and hunting etc.

#6. The Alok Nath Dad:

The Alok Nath Dad

Have you ever encountered a dad exactly like Alok Nath? Hahaha! Well! I am talking about a sanskari dad who is always into rules and regulations and for them, the family is the first priority.

#7. The Achiever Dad:

The Achiever Dad

If you are career oriented and focused, then probably you are having a father who is always worried about your future. The dads who always wants you to achieve your dreams, to reach the limits and is disciplined are none other than the achiever dads.

#8. The Super Cool Dad:

The Super Cool Dad

If you are extremely friendly with your dad and can share drinks with him, then he is the coolest person in the whole world. He is nothing short of your best friend and your partner-in-crime.

#9. The Possessive Father:

The Possessive Father

If you are your father’s little princess or your dad’s junior hero, then you must be extremely possessive about you. He will make sure you get the best in the life and is very much protected.

#10. Social Media Obsessed Father:

Social Media Obsessed Father

If your Father is constantly active on social media, then God saves you. He will leave no stone unturned to embarrass you just by uploading some of your cringe-y pictures.


So these are some of the great types of Dads. Let us know how many of these have you encountered till now in the comment section below. Also, you can share with us any funny incident related to your dad.

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