10 idioms to help you notch up your writing game

Idioms that help you to write better
Idioms that help you to write better

Do you believe in the magic of words? Are you looking for ways to notch up your writing game and stand out of the crowd? Want to sound more native than a new writer? Have a look at a few idioms which can help you express yourself profoundly –
i. A hot potato – It is used to refer to any issue which usually is a topic of dispute.
Example – A discussion with parents on flaws of arranged marriages turn into a hot potato.
ii. Barking up the wrong tree – Looking in the wrong place.
Example – Upon John’s intervention, Sherlock realized he was barking up the wrong tree all this while in search of evidence.
iii. Cut corners – something was done badly to save money.
Example – The couple cut corners in stage decoration while planning their wedding.
iv. Drastic times call for drastic measures – Extremely desperate to do something and hence take drastic action.
Example – On being hungry for two days, the beggar decided to steal some bread from the grocery store. For drastic times call for drastic measures.
v. Jump on the bandwagon – Join popular trend or activity.
Example – Today’s millennial generation does not think twice before jumping on the bandwagon of fashion.
vi. Twist someone’s arm – Convince someone to do something they initially denied to.
Example – Despite Mary being hydrophobic, John twisted her arm to join him for scuba diving.
vii. Go cold turkey – Quit something addictive or dangerous suddenly.
Example – After his father’s sudden heart attack, he went cold turkey on smoking.
viii. Face the music – Face consequences of one’s actions.
Example – Rachael had been procrastinating her work the full day. When the manager asked for sudden submission, she had to face the music.
ix. Look like a million dollar – Look absolutely fabulous and attractive.
Example – When he saw her entering the room, he quietly mouthed “You look like a million dollar” to her.
x. Keep your chin up – Stay strong.
On losing her unborn child, her parents advised her to chin up.
I hope these idioms come handy while you plan to pen down your views next.

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