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Smartphones are becoming a partner in our daily life and people are getting used to it. However, we all want to make things beautiful and the same goes for our smartphones. Don’t we buy new covers and put the screen protector on our smartphones? We all do right! So why not make it look more attractive by putting some beautiful wallpapers? Confused? Well! We know that there are millions of wallpaper apps available for Android but not all are worthy. Here we have tried and tested down few of the apps and listed them as the 10 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2018. Now you don’t have to look here and there for wallpaper apps that will make your Android device look more expressive and attractive.

Top 10 Wallpaper Apps For Android 2018

There are several other wallpaper apps for Android available in the Google Play Store. However, these 10 are some of the best among those millions. We kept in mind certain points before selecting these top 10 Wallpaper Apps for Android Devices 2018.

#1. Backgrounds HD:

Backgrounds HD

The one that has topped the list of our top 10 wallpaper apps for Android is none other than the very popular, the older one is known as the Backgrounds HD. This app has 30 categories from where you can choose a wallpaper that suits your mood and personality. It also offers you some features such as downloading, material design and set it as wallpapers within the app only. This app is also free from any advertisement and all are good quality images in terms of resolution.

#2. 500 Firepaper:

500 Firepaper
Live wallpapers are great in the recent times. And if you are someone who wants to download an app that is great for live wallpapers, then what are waiting for? Just download 500 Firepaper app to do your work beautifully. The 500px site is known for its phenomenal photography, providing amazing images for you to choose from on 500 Firepaper. It’s also free to download but offers an optional pro-version to purchase.

#3. Google Wallpapers:

Google Wallpapers
One of the best wallpaper apps that work great is none other than the Google Wallpapers. Since this app is by Google, it has not won any awards by default. Google has several options that have categories, landscape modes, seascapes mode and even cityscapes made. It is really a nice option to choose from a lot other dynamic wallpapers. So don’t wait for any further and download it asap.

#4. Kappboom Wallpapers:

Kappboom Wallpapers

If you are looking for some cool wallpapers that will make your screen look absolutely amazing, then nothing can beat the Kappboom Wallpapers app. It has a huge inventory of more than 2 lacs backgrounds in total. This app has features like Android Wear support which will let you add tags, favorites, occasional live wallpaper and social networking supply etc. However, it’s otherwise a solid app with a good selection. Other than the ads, it’s free.

#5. Tapet:


One of the most successful apps that has a wide range of unique wallpaper collection is none other than Tapet. Why unique? Well! This app has no option to choose from, however, you can choose the design and colors instead. According to your choices, this app will make some amazing wallpapers. This app also uses the device’s screen resolution to set the quality. It helps take out the guesswork. In any case, this one is really good.

#6. Muzei Live Wallpaper:

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Are you a fan of live wallpaper? Well! If yes, then no other app than Muzei Live Wallpaper can do the trick for you. It has tons of quality rich wallpapers apart from live wallpapers. It also rotates the wallpaper on your home screen and thus keeps your home screen free from boredom. However, all the users of this app have two options such as you can choose images from your gallery directly or you can choose the wallpaper from Muzei gallery of artwork. This app is absolutely free and open source.

#7. Wally:


A great wallpaper app that is the first in the market to have material design is none other than Wally. It is free of cost and has a wide range of beautiful images to put as your wallpaper. It is quick to download and easy to use.

#8. Wonderwall:


If you are someone who love to keep everything simple yet elegant and beautiful, then no other app is better than the Wonderwall. It have some of the great quality landscape backgrounds that will suit your screen so well that can’t be explained. However, every day unique photo are added to the inventory so that you never run out of new and amazing wallpapers. Also, the best part is that this app collaborates with several photographers to create unique images.

#9. Mysplash:


Are you yet not familiar with the very popular site known as the unsplash.com which offers some great and high resolution images that too free. Now there is an app called Mysplash which uses images the site Unsplash. You will be able to receive several beautiful images that are perfectly suitable as wallpapers.

#10. Zedge:


The last but not the least in our top 10 list is none other than Zedge. It is a great app for beginners. If you are someone who is looking for one beginner friendly wallpapers, then this is a great app for you. It is free of cost and is very much user-friendly. So save it for your future use.


These are the 10 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2018 that you can download and make your android devices much more attractive. However, there are several other apps to choose from. But in case if you don’t feel to download apps, then you simply browse images on Google and select some. Let us know which one you’d like most to find the Perfect Wallpaper For Your Android Device. Also, we expect you to share the free high-quality cool wallpaper apps you are currently using. And don’t forget to share your current favorite wallpaper app that you are using for your Android device. Cheers!

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