All You Need to Know About Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman

Almost every one of us knows about the wonderful girlfriend of Tiger Woods. The champion golfer has been officially dating Erica Herman for about three years now and it has been quite a while they are together. But what was her life before and how she came in touch with Tiger Woods is always a question for everyone. You can simply continue reading below to know about the unknown facts that we have revealed. Scroll down to Know about Tiger Wood’s Girlfriend Erica Herman.

Unknown Facts about Erica Herman

She was his Past Manager

Erica Herman was his restaurant manager in the initial days. It has been over 9 years of her work till she managed the restaurant owned by Tiger Woods. It is heard that the couple crossed paths for the first time while she was at her work. It seems like destiny was always in her favour which allowed her to be the lucky woman. While being on work, both of them crossed paths with each other and it was only Erica to approach Tiger for better packages.

She waited for Ten years

Back when Erica Herman met Tiger Woods for the first time, it was almost 10 years back. She had set her eyes on him since the first time she saw Tiger Woods at the restaurant. It has been almost 10 years, and Erica Herman had never decided to give up on her. Infact, some of the people also say that even though she was married, Erica Herman was still having a close watch on Tiger. She always knew about what was the gift of waiting for long while officially turning up for a relationship.

She Knew the Secret

Erica Herman always knew how to get the job done. Multiple reports claim that she was desperate enough to get complete entry to the house. She indeed knew there was a requirement for the mother of their children and she always wanted to get into the list. Erica Herman has made their relationship to be official only after she started playing the mother role of Tiger’s children. Thus, she always knew what they had to do.

She went to court!

It was back in 2011 when Tiger Woods got separated with her wife and became single. Back then, it was Erica Herman who stood by her man and accompanied him to court. Moreover, Tiger has been to the court for being charged with reckless driving in 2017. Again this time, it was Erica who went along with him and also stood by the famous personality. He may have been under drugs and it was her who helped Tiger to get back to the right tracks.

She revealed her age!

Not many women dating a celebrity do reveal their personal information. Erica Herman also follows the same script and tries to keep her private affairs only to her close people. Till today, not many people know about who her parents were and where she was born. However, the only information she revealed was her date of birth. According to the sources, she was born on the 15th of February in 1984. She is now 36 years old while Tiger Woods is 44 years old. However, age difference is not a big factor as long as the couple are happy together.

They became public in October 2017

It has been almost 10 years of work since the first time she became public about the incident. Needless to say that everyone saw her pictures for the first time on the Television sets only when she stood up for the PGA tour along with Tiger Woods. It was the only time she wore the player spouse dress and then stood next to Tiger Woods. As a result, it became evident that Erica Herman and Tiger Woods were dating officially. Though it was not an announcement, it was just a public appearance of the couple together.

The Reason of Tiger’s Comeback

It is evident to say that we all loved to see Tiger Woods on the pitch. If he was not present, major parts of golf in all of us are absent as well. It seems like Erica Herman is a bigger fan like all of us. Tiger had a divorce back in 2011 and it had left Tiger to be devastated. Surely, it would be fair enough to say that things were not going right for the Golf Champion. However, it was in multiple reports in which Tiger claimed that Erica Herman was the real reason behind this comeback. It again started back in 2013 when Tiger won the Atlanta Tour Championship for the first time.

Erica Herman loves the PDA

PDA has become a common conception of keeping things public. Most of us would love to show affection for our partners back at home. However, it seems like Erica Herman was not similar to us. Infact, both Tiger and Erica would not hesitate to show love for each other even if it is in public. Needless to say, there are cameras everywhere and recording their affection and love. Because of the PDA, they have both been in the headlines a couple of times, but it never stops them from going over again.

She has Million Assets!

If you are the wife of a celebrity and you are not rich by yourself, you’ll be termed as a Gold Digger. This label is nothing new for Erica Herman. No matter how hard work she does, most of the people do recognize her as the woman who tried to get into a relationship with Tiger only because of the money he can provide. However, most of the people do not know that she held a job and kept doing it for a decade. As of 2018, her net worth is around $500000. However, it does not stop her from the assets that Tiger shares with her for being his spouse.

She is in Big Debt

Many people do know about her relationships and how it has been over the years. The rumours about Jesse Newton being her previous boyfriend are also true. But a lot of people do not know why the pair broke up. It was claimed that the former couple started up a joint venture and it is a massive failure that brought them under serious trouble. The case history dates back to Tom Morris who lent the couple an amount of $200000 to set up some nightclubs in Orlando. However, the venture failed miserably and did not work any good at all. She is now in a debt which could continue up to the year 2025.

She avoided Taxes

One of the major reasons why Erica has landed into serious trouble is because she avoided paying the taxes. According to the sources and reports, she had to pay the tax liens up to $17652. However, it continued until December 2008 and she had failed in it. Moreover, Erica also has multiple other payment failures including the BMW which she purchased back in 2012.

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