Slip And Fall Case: Tips For Proving Negligence

Slip And Fall Case

Slip and fall cases are expected. If you are seeking compensation for a slip and fall injury, then you will need to prove that the property owner or establishment was negligent. In other words, they were careless or did not meet their obligation to keep the area safe for visitors. This article will discuss tips for proving negligence in a slip and fall case and provide you with information on how to increase your chances of winning such a case. 

Consult An Attorney

It is essential to hire an attorney if the accident happened on another person’s property or at their place of business. This is because they may try to claim that you were at fault for the accident. In case your fall resulted in a severe accident like a brain injury. Because such cases are complex, you will need an experienced brain injury lawyer in Sacramento if you’re living there to ensure that your attorney have the necessary regulations and laws of your area.  A brain injury lawyer will be able to assist you throughout the entire process. They can work on your behalf to show that the property owner is responsible for any slippery area, broken flooring, etc. And help you recover all that you are entitled to as a result of your injury.

Show That The Owner Knew About Danger That Caused The Accident

Depending on how big the establishment or location is, there may be a warning about wet floors or other dangers present when you fall. If so, read the sign and take a picture of it. These signs help show that the property owner knew about the danger and should have had it fixed or cleaned up before letting customers enter the area again. Write down precisely what happened before, during, and after your fall. The more detail you write in your statement, the better. This information is essential if you are dealing with a property owner or business that tries to say that the accident was your fault or that you could have avoided your slip and fall accident.

Provide Medical Record  Information

You will also need proof of your injuries to win a slip and fall case. Medical records and doctor statements provide evidence of your damages and treatment following the accident. For example, you may have had head, neck, or back pain after the accident due to a wet floor. You can obtain medical records from doctors you visited, as well as the hospital where you were admitted from the accident. These records are essential because they provide proof of your injuries. And show that you were hurt after falling.

Ask About Prior Incidents

If the area where you slipped and fell had experienced previous accidents, then this information can be helpful. You can obtain records of prior incidents by contacting the owner or business in question. They may be able to provide the information you need. Your attorney can use these records to show that wet flooring or hazardous conditions are a common issue for the establishment. And that they should have been aware of the problem and more careful in keeping their location safe for visitors.

If you can obtain witness statements from people at the scene of your accident, then their accounts will be helpful. These statements show that the problem causing your accident had been there for a while and that you were not to blame for slipping and falling. They can also show that you could not have avoided your accident because there was a hidden danger in the area.

Take Pictures

When assessing a slip and fall case, you will likely need to prove that the location where you slipped and fell was dangerous. It is not enough to say that it was wet or spilled. You will probably need to show the damage of your accident. Take pictures of the area you slipped in with a camera or phone. These pictures will be helpful if you need to show that something dangerous was going on at the time of your accident.

The information above is designed to help individuals understand the basics of proving negligence in a slip and fall case. Slip and fall cases typically prove negligence through evidence that the property owner was careless or did not meet their obligation to maintain a safe area. To show this proof, take pictures of the location where you slipped and fell. Also, if possible, take photos of any warning signs near the accident scene and witness statements. Finally, consider hiring an attorney to ensure that your case is successful. 

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