Big News Up! Renate Blauel Sues Elton for $3M

Renate Blauel Sues Elton for $3M

Renate Blauel, one of the most renowned singers from the early 1990s has come up with $3 million in damages. Almost everyone from the early 80s is aware of the glamorous couple of Sir Elton John and Renate Blauel. However, as far as we got to know about this, the suing was done in terms of violation in their deal. The amount to be received for damages is roughly around $3 million. So what exactly is the sue for and how did the situation come over to such an extent/ Read the article below to know about what happened between Renate Blauel and Elton John.

Sir Elton John is a famous songwriter, painter and composer. Over his years of hard work and excellent skills, she has been one of the most successful people to record more than 30 albums with Bernie Taupin since 1967. His overall sales records are more than 300 million which made him deserving to be one of the best selling artists. Years after him being one of the most popular people, he decided to get married to his childhood friend and his sound engineer, Renate Blauel. The dup has been all over the media since then.

Elton John’s brief marriage to ex-wife Renate Blauel

It has been just one year since Elton John released the song ‘Kiss the Bride’; Sir Elton followed in his footsteps. He got engaged with Renate Blauel and wished to spend more time with her. Only after three days from the date of engagement, the duo went on to be part of their lives and got married. The venue was special and it is the famous St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Darlinghurst. Situated in Australia, this is a beautiful place which is located just in the heart of Sydney. They met early 1983 in London and on Valentine’s Day of 1984, they got married to each other. Sir Elton shared his marriage memory back on a social media platform to support Australia on Gay marriages.

Why is Renate Blauel taking Elton to court?

Over the last week, it’s been on the news about Renate Blauel seeking damages from Sir Elton John over violation of the contract. Let’s go to the end of the subject to find out why and how did this happen. We already know that something was not right between the couple. Even after completing almost 4 years of staying together, Renate Blauel and Elton John decided to get separated. Back in 1988 they filed a mutual divorce and left for their ways. Not interesting right? It’s only the divorce contract that has made this whole story interesting. Renate Blauel filed legal action against her ex-husband over violation of private affairs.

Why did Renate Blauel sue $3 Million?

The exact reason for this is still unclear for many, but there are of course some assumptions available. Renate Blauel has always made it low-profile after getting divorced with her husband. Thus, the reason why she has moved onto court must be serious enough. It is suggested that she is claiming the money because of psychological harms and damaging her mental health. This has probably forced her to be in a state of trauma over multiple months. The damages are claimed as a part of this disturbance that Elton John has provided to Renate Blauel. Surely it seems that this contract did not go well with the songwriter.

What was written on the Contract?

Renate Blauel has made it very clear about what her claims are and why it is a problem. On the contract, there may be a clause about releasing personal and private affairs. On the contract, it was made clear that there would be no media coverage on issues between the couple and should not be disclosed to the public. As per the contract, the divorce was rumoured to be with a settlement amount of $45000000 from Elton John. However, it was also reported that Elton had purchased a house for Renate according to the contract. However, there must have been a violation of the contract which has caused the Renate Blauel and Elton John divorce case to be outspoken in the media today.

What Caused a Divorce between Elton and Renate Blauel?

There are a lot of reasons why Renate Blauel and Elton John marriage did not work out. However, none of them became public about it until a few months back. It was Elton John himself who lit the lights on what happened between them and why it did not turn up. Some of the basic reports claimed that the marriage between Renate Blauel and Elton John did not work out from day one! Infact, it was claimed that the couple used to stay in two different rooms. However, Elton made it clear that his preference was different. He came up with gay support and after the divorce, he married to David Furnish. The couple getting attracted to each other could trigger the divorce.

Why did Renate Blauel charge Elton For?

The story behind why Renate Blauel sued Elton John is simply because her husband broke the terms of their divorce deal. If you go for a deeper search, it all started from the time when Elton John released his autobiography by the name of ‘Me’. This was probably when Elton John offended Renate Blauel for the first time after their separation. However, the biopic ‘Rocketman’ from Elton came in as a humiliation from Renate Blauel. It stated clearly that the couple always wished for a child but were unable to deliver it. However, the most triggering cause of the Renate Blauel sue case is because Elton has shared his views and made their relationship public on Twitter by sharing a post.

You can also view the source of the post from here:

In this post, he praises the people of Australia and comes along with complete support to legalize gay marriages in the country. However, he also shared his views on gay marriage and lids a light on him being homosexual. This is the time when Renate Blauel started having psychological problems and it reflected on her mental health.

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