Nursing Home Abuse: Knowing When To Hire A Lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse


Nursing home abuse, neglect, or mistreatment victims may file a lawsuit. You can receive financial compensation for the injury caused by filing a lawsuit against a nursing facility.

A knowledgeable lawyer can simplify the legal procedure for you and your family. Find out how to launch a lawsuit against a nursing facility for negligence. When employees at an assisted living home breach the standard of care and hurt residents. As a result, this is known as neglect.

Legal action against nursing home negligence is available for seniors and their families. Hiring procedures, a lack of staff training, and understaffing are all potential sources of neglect.

Know The Circumstances

One might face several types of neglect in a nursing home. Here are the ones that demand immediate justice:

  • Medical Neglect: This happens when staff members fail to assist residents in managing their medical requirements, such as by failing to administer prescriptions on time, failing to repair fractures or bedsores, or neglecting to dial 911 in an emergency. Some situations could qualify as medical misconduct.
  • Neglecting Basic Needs: Staff may skip out on a resident’s fundamental necessities if they don’t provide adequate food, drink, or restroom breaks. Dehydration, severe starvation, or even death may result from this.
  • Hygiene Issues include neglecting to give patients a bath, changing their clothes or bed sheets, or regularly cleaning their rooms. It also has unclean washrooms and facilities that increase the chances of injections.

Identify The Person

If you don’t know the individual, it’s impossible to make a case against a company or accuse them of a crime. When mistreating someone, make careful to record their name and appearance. Then, ask around to learn more if you don’t know the individual.

Depending on the person’s position inside the hospital, they may be a doctor, nurse, member of the culinary staff, or a security guard.

Always make sure that the individual is an employee of the hospital. Hospitals and nursing homes often contract employees to work for them. These situations are similar to surgeons who perform surgeries in different hospitals.

Ensure you have accurate and sufficient information on the individual or people mistreating you. You may combat maltreatment with this.

Know If Your Case Is Criminal Or Civil

Abuse in nursing homes can take many forms, including physical harm and neglect, verbal abuse, and financial exploitation. When this occurs, the victim’s family can decide whether to pursue a civil claim or file a criminal complaint against the abuser.

What distinguishes these two categories of litigation, then?       

While a civil case seeks monetary restitution, a criminal lawsuit tries to punish the abuser and may result in jail time or financial punishment.

Get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney to explore your situation and establish which kind of litigation is best for you.

For instance, the best course of action is a criminal lawsuit if you want to see the abuser punished. On the other hand, a civil lawsuit can be the preferable option if you need to get paid for the mistreatment.

Be Aware Of The Red Flags

Nursing home abuse frequently has indicators that are present. Here are some signs you must be aware of all the time:

  • There may be behavioral clues, such as when a patient withdraws from routine activities, has depressive symptoms, or behaves differently while interacting with a caretaker.
  • Bruises around the private parts, the transmission of an STD, or complaints from a patient might all be signs of sexual abuse.
  • Additionally, bedsores, poor cleanliness, ignored medical requirements and unexpected weight loss are all indicators of neglect.
  • Controlling behavior, demeaning threats to the victim and tight interactions between the caregiver and the victim can all be signs of emotional abuse.
  • Unpaid bills, missing funds, odd purchases, frequent cash withdrawals, unauthorized charges to credit and debit cards, or increased usage of credit cards are all signs of financial exploitation.

Take Your Steps With Caution

There are several reasons why patients in nursing homes may be the target of crimes. Several patients may experience cognitive impairment that affects their capacity to recognize abuse indications or to provide information to law enforcement.

Additionally, elderly patients can resist bullying less as they get weak. If they are single, they could worry that if they report a case of abuse, their family will decide they need to be placed in a home. Keeping all this in mind, be vigilant and proactive regarding the mistreatment or abuse of a loved one in a nursing home. Judge the situation with your instinct and hire a skilled lawyer to bring justice.

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