How to Choose a Captivating Essay Topic

How to Choose a Captivating Essay Topic

No matter how much we push for freedom of speech, it occasionally comes with a cost. For example, you can rant and scream about how uninteresting the required essay topics are; selecting an essay title can also be difficult. You can choose a topic that cannot be explored in the allotted area or word count if you are not properly guided.

Many students overlook this step. Choosing an essay topic, on the other hand, is one of the most important tasks in essay writing since it greatly interests the readers and motivates them to read your piece. Seek the help of a professional paper helper if you are not sure about coming up with a great essay topic for your assignment.

How to Select a Good Essay Topic

So, here are some pointers for selecting an interesting essay topic:

Determine your topic’s “why.”

Unfortunately, many students choose the first popular topic that appears in their search results for “X excellent essay writing ideas.” They may do so to save time, believing they would get a large amount of content on a topic that is already regarded as “popular.” Sure, but will they also get a high mark on their report? No!

As a result, while selecting a topic, a student must be more rational. For example, kids can look up things related to their homework or anything their teacher may have said in class. Once students have an intriguing “why” for a topic, they have a better chance of capturing the attention of readers (in this case, their professor).

Select an Interesting Subject

When choosing a topic for your essay, consider your interests! Then, use your original passion to wrap the issue in a way that will attract the reader and allow you to expound on what first drew you to that class.

Choose a topic that interests you. If you’re not interested in limiting cigarette sales, don’t use it as a persuasive essay topic. You’ll have more and better opportunities to write about something you care about. Choose that one!

Furthermore, if you select essay writing topics that fascinate you, your reader will find them interesting as well.

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A Topic That Is Appropriate for the Length of Your Paper

Students typically select topics that are either too broad to effectively discuss or have insufficient material to extend to a given word limit without utilizing fluff.

Narrow issues, on the other hand, invite close inspection, whereas broad topics encourage broad generalization (unless you discuss a particular aspect of the bigger picture). For example, instead of writing a five-page paper on the history of women’s rights, for example, write about one incident in the history of women’s concerns.

Even a descriptive or personal essay will benefit from a specific theme, such as your upbringing in a tiny town rather than your childhood in general.

Choose a Subject You Are Comfortable With

It is critical to select a topic you are familiar with. Because most of the information is already in your mind, you spend less time investigating the subject area or issue.

Finally, you won’t have to put in much work to complete your essay, and the possibilities of missing your assignment’s submission date are nearly minimal.

Reuse an Excellent Topic

It is okay to re-use a topic on which you previously wrote an essay or even submitted elsewhere. The goal here is to approach it from a new angle this time.

For example, if you have a written paper about the advantages of mobile technology in your current life, you may slightly tweak it and write about the disadvantages.

Copying and pasting, on the other hand, may be considered plagiarism. Remember that one of the most important traits of a good essay writer is originality. Furthermore, you may seek essay topic samples online to get ideas as long as you remain unique and original.

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The topic must be appropriate for the tone

Make certain that the topic you choose influences the tone of your writing. An essay, for example, can be persuasive, explanatory, comparing and contrasting, or descriptive.

You are unlikely to get excellent results if there is a disconnect between the topic you choose and your writing tone for any of these different sorts of essays. As a result, choose an acceptable topic while keeping the writing tone in mind.

Choose one with readily available resources

Another typical mistake that students make when choosing a subject or topic is choosing one with limited information and sources.

As a result, people waste a lot of time trying to find information on the issue with little luck. As a result, students will find it more convenient if their selected topic is straightforward to investigate and information is readily available.

Typically, students struggle to obtain knowledge or lack substantial skills to improve their writing abilities. As a result, in this scenario, you can utilize certain web resources to improve your essay writing talents.


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