Best Instagram Account to Hack for Your Self-care

Best Instagram Account to Hack for Your Self-care

Instagram has become an addiction for many of us. Scrolling the feeds daily without realizing you have wasted an hour which seems to be 5 minutes past. Instagram being photogenic, is used by billions of people every day.

When people feel depressed, bored, or need some motivation, they can’t help but turn on Instagram to relive these emotions. So let’s start filling your account with some positivity, inspiration, and motivation. Check out the best Instagram account which is recommended by you can follow to ward off your bad mood or get much-needed encouragement by getting more Instagram followers.

Humans of NY – @humansofny

Humans of NY was the first platform to launch such an initiative. Braddon Stanton takes photographs of random people in New York and tells their stories and life experiences in a photo caption. @humansofny writes powerful captions to inspire you. The best part about @humansofny is that it helps humanize people in photos and gives an inside look into their lives.

Selena Gomez – @selenagomez

Selena being the biggest pop star has more accomplices than just singing. Selena is among the top followers with over 156 million Instagram followers but wait. How’d she become so popular? Well, this is a result of her down-to-earth personality, giving shoutouts to people around her for their work, and most people can relate to her. So if you, too, are looking to build up yourself as an influencer, you should follow her. In Addition to getting more followers in your initial struggles of becoming an influencer, buying Instagram followers will benefit you.

Kylie cosmetics – @kyliecosmetics

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire. She owns the best Instagram account like kylie cosmetics, kylie baby, and her account. She is also the fourth most followed celeb on Instagram with 228.8 million Instagram followers.

Kylie has been promoting her brand on her account, which helps in increasing her brand’s sales. If you are an online retailer, this account will surely inspire you, and you will learn some business tactics to apply for your online business.

National Geographic Travel – @natgeotravel

Do you daydream of traveling the whole world once in your lifetime? Well, you might need to spend huge bucks on it, but with National Geographic Travel, you can see it all. They help you escape everyday life and let you know the world’s magnificent beauty through their lens. Follow national geographic travel and watch them get your inspiration light up. Then, if you too want thousands of likes, buy Instagram marketing services and get to the top.

James Charles – @jamescharles

If you have a notch in makeup artist and want to explore more on it, you need to follow @jamescharles. She is one of the greatest makeup artists. You’ll be in awe of her never-ending stream of stunning makeup art with an extraordinary level of creativity, from colorful face art to vibrant eye looks. James Charles is a perfect example to learn the art of succeeding on Instagram by showing your talent to inspire the world.

My day with Leo – @mydaywithleo

My day with Leo is an exceptionally creative Instagram profile to follow. Joe strongly showcases his skill of merging 2D With 3D by cutting pictures of famous personalities’ heads and photographing them on a live person’s body in various locations. If you too are wondering how then check it out on Instagram.

Dogs of instagram – @dogsofinstagram

You can never get enough of your cute little friend; therefore, here is a fantastic page you need to follow to boost your mood at all times. @dogsofinstagram posts photos of dogs playing, sleeping, relaxing, and everything else you can think about your friend.

Sweet daze dessert bar – @ sweetdazetx

@ sweetdazetx on Instagram will make your mouth water with its Sweet daze dessert bars. They have been on Instagram for over a year now and have already gained a massive following of 120k+. The photography and presentation styles are so good that it makes you salivate. If you want to market your product or business digitally, make sure you master the angles by following and learning from @sweetdazetx. Then, buy real active Instagram followers to promote your business.

House of plant lovers – @houseofplantlovers

Do you like being surrounded by greenery? Well, who doesn’t? House of plant lovers shares photos to give design inspiration; however, all these posts are charming, composed, and curated mindfully to induce relaxation and help influence liveliness into the surroundings using plants.

My easy therapy – @myeasytherapy

To achieve mental and emotional wellness @myeasytherapy has been curating motivational statements, cutesy illustrations, and self-care tips all in one place. In Addition, with a 60k strong community of followers, it has been spreading empowering messages and self-love.

Annette – @theburntoutbrain

@theburntoutbrain has wholesome content to make you feel powerful, so you get through life’s ups and downs quickly. In Addition, the platform offers impressive feeds to help you prevent anxiety and despair. It also shares techniques that help you recognize and manage feelings like anxiety, overwhelm, and pain.

Laura jones – @laurajaneillustrations

Laura Jones is an Italy-based artist who has constantly spread happy, cheerful vibes by keeping all her feeds chipper in bright hues. She doesn’t miss a single day to remind you about positivity and natural beauty in being human with her colorful illustrations.

Through this platform, she emphasizes loving your flaws and acknowledging the good and bad emotions we have. So, to pep you up in your low times, do follow this account.

Orawan Siripin – @oraarts

Orawan siripin resides in Bangkok and runs @oraarts, which features her hand-drawn beautiful illustration. Starting from being a hand lettering novice, she has excelled in becoming the artistic wonder she is today.

Through her black and white doodles, @oraarts expresses thoughts and words that will reshape and inspire the way you think.


The best Instagram account is not afraid to experiment and stand out in a crowd. They tend to speak directly to their target audience positively and entertainingly. Follow these accounts and learn their marketing skills, and get inspired by these fantastic artists.

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