Aubrey O’Day’s Incredible Body Transformation Over The Years

Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O’Day’s Incredible Body Transformation Over The Years

Aubrey O’Day has changed a lot over the years. She was only 21 when she first hit the scene back in 2005 as a member of Diddy‘s girl group, Danity Kane, but now she’s making headlines for her looks.

Aubrey O’Day Changes Over The Years

Who is Aubrey O’Day?

  • Date of Birth: Feb 11, 1984 (36 years old)
  • Gender: Female 
  • Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)
  • Profession: Singer, Model, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Fashion designer
  • Nationality: United States of America

The American singer/songwriter, actress, fashion designer who has a net worth of 4 million dollars. 

Born February 11, 1984, in San Francisco, California, she is (twice) a member of the group Danity Kane (fired in 2008 and reconciled in 2013). 


Danity Kane’s self-titled debut studio album was released in 2006 and achieved success in the United States, selling out a million copies domestically, while spawning two singles with top 10 single “Show Stopper” and the ballad “Ride for You.” Their second studio album, Welcome to the Dollhouse, was released in 2008, following the release of their second top 10 single “Damaged”. 

Aubrey’s band became the first female group in Billboard history to debut their first two albums at the top of the charts. Although they had initial success, growing tension in the group led to a meeting with Diddy where, in the October 2008 finale episode of Making the Band 4, he was forced to remove O’Day and Woodgett from the group. The three remaining members of the group carried on with previously scheduled promotional events before officially disbanding in early 2009.  All group members were ultimately removed from their contracts with Bad Boy Records later within the year. 

In 2013, four of the five group members (O’Day, Bex, Richard and Fimbres) made an official announcement regarding their reunion at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards; however, on May 16, 2014, the first night of their reunion tour in San Francisco, Fimbres announced her departure from the group due to wanting to start her family, leaving O’Day, Bex, and Richard to continue as a trio.

On August 8, 2014, after a fight in the recording studio between members O’Day and Richard, O’Day and Bex announced publicly that Danity Kane had disbanded again. Although they disbanded, their third studio album, DK3, was released in October 2014. Following the second breakup of the band, Richard continued to release solo music, while O’Day and Bex formed the duo Dumblonde. In August 2018, the trio announced that they would reunite and tour together.

O’Day and Richard released new music as a duo under Danity Kane in 2020.


O’Day has modeled for such publications as Blender and Playboy and also performed on Broadway in the production Hairspray. In 2011, she agreed to a solo record deal in 2011 with SRC/Universal Motown Records. O’Day’s career began early (at the age of five). 


Her acting career has consisted of roles in various musical productions including ‘Dorothy’ of The Wizard of Oz, ‘Carmen’ in Fame, ‘Sandy’ in Grease, ‘Liesl’ in The Sound of Music, ‘Tzeitel’ in Fiddler on the Roof and ‘Mimi’ in Rent. Her television stints include being ‘fired’ from Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice 5, during which she was also heavily (and publicly) criticized for being “narcissistic, self-centered, evil and vicious”.

Personal Life:

O’Day has been romantically linked to DJ Cassidy, a New York disc jockey, and her appearance at a public event with a ‘girlfriend’ sparked rumors of bisexuality. When asked by Chelsea Handler (in an interview on Chelsea Lately in 2009) whether or not she was bisexual, she replied, “Generally I don’t like to label myself…I want to find someone I’m passionate about and I don’t want to limit myself to one segment of the population.”

Fillers are a YES, plastic surgery is a NO

O’Day denied plastic surgery rumors in the past. Though she appeared curvier, with a heavier booty, larger breasts, and hips, she insisted she did not get any augmentation done. When pressed about the changes in her face, she credited it to makeup and contouring. 

O’Day once debuted a new orange dye job on her social media pages. The new reveal should have had fans focusing on her hair, but their attention went elsewhere. Her plump lips and what was perceived to be a slimmer nose had fans in disbelief about her look and they did not hold back.

“Sooooooo…what’s going on here #AubreyODay?” One fan asked along with a photo of a popeyed monster side by side. 

Then just last year the singer slammed rumors she has had plastic surgery and said any changes in her look are because “I know all the tricks.”

“I’ve had lip fillers and Botox. I put a lot of filters,” O’Day told Us Weekly. “I know all the tricks and I use them.”

She’s denied undergoing plastic surgery in the past, but the “Strawberry Milk” singer did open up about noninvasive procedures she’s had. Some of those “tricks” include photo editing apps, she added at the time. 

Always one for a dramatic flair, O’Day claimed that her facial adjustments were all because of the amount of makeup she used to achieve the look she desired. She told CeleBuzz in 2011: 

“My makeup — how much or how little I have on — is constantly affecting the way people see me in regards to everybody thinking I’ve had plastic surgery. Sometimes I’ll look at pictures and think that maybe I don’t look like myself there. My eyes [do] look different or my lips look really big … It could’ve been a lip plumper, or a bad makeup artist, or too much makeup or too little makeup.”

Why Has She Changed So Drastically?

Speculation and shady comments don’t bother the Ex on the Beach star “at all” these days. “When I was 17 maybe,” she explained about mean comments over her looks on social media.

The 35-year-old spoke about being in the public eye since she was a teenager and the effect public opinions had on her self-esteem.

“By being on reality TV since I was 17 and being called a leather handbag that’s been jugged through the dryer 15 times since I was 17. It’s all silly…I think the worst comment I ever read, and then I didn’t read any more, was, ‘She looks like an old leather handbag that’s been put in the dryer 15 times.”

O’Day says that as long as she feels good, that’s all that matters. “I’m healthy, I don’t take drugs, I barely drink, I exercise every day and I feel mentally happy,” she said. “I don’t need anything other than what I’m doing because it’s working for me.”

Aubrey O’Day Transformation:

All the images are courtesy of Getty Images.

See the girl in green? Oh yeah, that’s Aubrey O’Day! Since debuting to the world on “Making the Band” in 2005 with her group, Danity Kane, Aubrey O’Day (second from right) has explored life in a girl group, on reality TV, and in the tabloids. 

American girl group “Danity Kane” was Aubrey O’Day’s band with other members Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex. Formed on the third iteration of MTV’s Making the Band reality television show in 2005, they signed under Bad Boy Records by Diddy. The group originally had five members, but Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgett quit the group in 2008. Then, Aundrea Fimbres left in 2014. 

Going blonde in 2007.

Attending a movie premiere in 2008

Experimenting with her Brunette hairstyle in 2010

In Las Vegas in 2011

Looking sultry in a red dress and new blonde bob in 2013

Aubrey claimed at a concert in 2015 that “[her] ass is real,” but check out these pictures. That’s *a lot* of squats. 

PC: Instagram

Then again, the size of Aubrey’s butt seems to fluctuate even over just a few months. From December 2015 to January 2016 to June 2016, it seemed to shrink and grow — so maybe this is less a matter of plastic surgery and more a matter of padding

With then boyfriend Pauly D in 2016

Aubrey’s signature look changed even more in 2017. Her full pout is definitely one of her favorite features. In October 2019, she debuted a new look on her Instagram Story where her lips looked even larger.

Since 2017 Aubrey loves to show off her cleavage in tight tops, sports bras and low-cut dresses.

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party in 2018

Attending the premiere of “Marriage Bootcamp” in 2019

PC: Instagram 

Aubrey O’Day’s latest post in 2020.

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