10 Best Hunting States of 2022: A Look At Close Range

Best Hunting States of 2022

There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing your hunting destinations for the coming season. If you’re not sure where you want to hunt this year, here are ten states that have an excellent reputation for everything from fowl to big game. 

Before you pack your bags

It’s best to think twice and shoot once. Before jumping into your hunting trip, here are some things to keep in mind.

Pack carefully

You’re going to want to pack the right clothes for your trip. High-tech hunting gear from providers like HECS Hunting will let you get closer to animals by hiding your electrical signals the way that your camo hides your shape. 

Other hunting clothing should be lightweight and moisture-wicking and keep you warm or cool (depending on the weather you’re hunting in).  You’ll also want to pack something in hunter’s orange to keep you visible to other hunters and avoid an accident.

Plan ahead

Study the kind of game you’re hunting and know how to pursue it best. Double-check the regulations for the area, and obtain any necessary licensing and animal permits. Know what the weather and terrain will look like during your trip to plan accordingly. Your work will pay off in the form of something tasty to bring home. 

Now that you’re primed and ready for a successful trip, here are the ten locales that will make your travel worthwhile. 


If you’re looking to hunt big game, Alaska has you covered. The untamed tundra has vast public land that only the most adventurous will take advantage of since arriving at the hunting site is a trial in and of itself. Once you make landfall, you’ll enjoy taking on game like massive bears, moose, elk, sheep, and more. 


Are you surprised to see Utah in second place? Don’t be. This state has plenty of big game, from cougars and black bears to bison and elk. If you’re looking for an adventure closer to home, this entry is the state for you. If big game isn’t your thing, Utah also has plenty of fish and fowl, making it a perfect spot for outdoors people of every kind.


If predators aren’t your bag, but you still want wide game variety, check out Wyoming. You can take in the fresh air in the beautiful wilderness as you hunt. This year, the state offers permits to hunt antelope, deer, elk, bison, moose, bighorn sheep, and fowl aplenty. 


Montana’s a great place to hunt if you’re not interested in competition. This state has thirty million acres of public land and not enough hunters to cover it. Get ready to hunt bears, mountain lions, and wolves if you’re looking for something with teeth, or secure your license for bison, moose, and deer. The Treasure State has got its share of game birds, too.


This hunter-friendly state openly boasts the incredible things hunters do for wildlife and makes hunting tags easy to acquire. Enjoy woods and mountains as you hike to find the perfect spot to camp, or head out to the plains for a less crowded hunting area. You can buy licenses to hunt beer, several varieties of deer, moose, sheep, and goat.


Wisconsin has a surprisingly large amount of public land available for hunting, and the surrounding states feed it with big game like bears, elk, bobcats, and deer. This state shines for its other options, though. Wisconsin is perfect if you’re looking to hunt birds or small mammals like rabbits. Furbearers like foxes, coyotes, beavers, and mink are also on the table, making this state great for various hunters.


Kansas has earned its place as one of the best hunting states for years, and this year is no different. This state has plentiful fowl and massive whitetail deer, as well as the opportunity to hunt antelope, elk, and turkey. If you’re looking for furs, Kansas has otter, beaver, various foxes, and bobcat trapping.


The warmer winters in this southwestern state make for excellent hunting, as populations aren’t lost to winter cold. Like other states, you can enjoy hunting bears, elk, deer, and bobcats, but Arizona also has unique offerings like javelina and certain game birds. The beautiful public lands this area has to offer are plentiful and lush for the hunter ready to explore.

New Mexico

With an even milder climate than Arizona, New Mexico has massive game, including pronghorn, mountain lions, black bears, mule deer, and elk. Be ready to encounter snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas as you brave this beautiful state in search of your bounty. If you’re looking for something interesting, keep your eyes peeled for oryx, ibex, and barbary sheep.


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a state that sees hunting as more than just a hobby, but as a way of life. While public land is lacking, you can choose between free-range and high-fence hunting. Enjoy the pursuit of javelina, pronghorn, mule deer, turkeys, and more if you’re in the mood for relatively standard fare. If you’re on the hunt for something new, maybe try your hand at bagging an alligator.

Wrap up

There might not be a state in the US you can’t hunt in, but some are a better catch than others. Use this article to help you narrow down your options as you plan your hunting trips this year. Remember to double-check all local regulations, attain your licensing, and have fun on the trail. 

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