A Wonder Called MOM

People call her using different names. Maa, Ammi, Biji, Mom, or whatever you call her, the essence of motherhood remains equal in all. They are all divine and powerful in their respective life. I am not a poet, but yet have made an attempt to describe the most wonderful creation and a reflection of God i.e. MOM!!!

This is dedicated to each and every mother out there….

A Wonder Called MOM


Her selfless love heals me up

Her beautiful smile lightens me up

She is the epitome of forgiveness and love

And probably one of the best wonders sent by God from above


Her never-ending struggles give me a reason to fight

For not everyone has the sight of catching the hidden pain in her eyes

No matter how hard I try, I can never reach up to your level of sacrifice

Because you are an unbeatable lady that is purely divine


Love, compassion, and sacrifice are your synonyms

No wonder why I consider you to be an undisputed queen

You are pure, You are power

You are everything that a child desires


Never undermine your value at any point in time

Because you are that miraculous wonder whom the whole world considers it to be their lifeline

You are God’s reflection, You are eternal

You are the one whom I call my ever loving Mother!!!


The poem might not have that level of finesse as many others have, but I hope I managed to convey my emotions and gratitude to all the mothers out there. Do let me know if you liked my first attempt at writing a poem. Your suggestions, opinions, and feedback are most welcome in the comment section below. If you liked the poem, then do share it with your loved ones.


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